DISCLAIMER: Results from person to person varies due to multiple factors like eating habits, exercise, medications, and other medical conditions. thus we can not guarantee the desired results in any specific time frame. however we have many clients that have succeeded by using our products regularly as we instructed them.


Weight Management

please try our core Daily Nutrition products with the added benefit of Personalised Protein Powder. A great starter pack, designed to start shaping your body, whether you are an athlete or purely maintaining your current weight. Gives you the option to personalise with additional Targeted Nutrition supplements.


This Pack Can help you either To Maintain or Gain Muscle:

1) for Bodybuilders (Increase Body Mass Effectively)
2) for Aerobic activities (Lean Muscle)
3) for skinny people (Gain Weight mostly muscle mass)

Note: if you want to lose weight mainly Body fat you can use this amazing pack to replace upto 2 meals a day usually Breakfast & Lunch and consume more Personalised Protein Powder and add Instant Herbal beverage with Cell-U-Loss Tablets (3 times daily after meals) to burn body fat to increase metabolism for best results, Contact me for a free consultation.

Key Benefits

Includes our two core Daily Nutrition products (Formulas 1 & 2) plus Personalised Protein Powder to help fight hunger and maintain lean muscle mass recommended to add Instant Herbal beverage to this pack for best results, Contact me for a free consultation.

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